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Hey there. Welcome to this game's description section. I'm Mr. Goober, and I'm here to tell you about the controls and stuff so you don't have any issues when playing this!


The PC version lets you move your ship with the left and right arrow keys and do a super shot with the up arrow key. The function keys (F1-F7?) also have some super secret debugging effects.


Okay, so these square dudes are coming in fast, and you wanna know how to keep em at bay? Well that's easy. Your ship is firing bullets automatically, so all you gotta do is move your ship to kill em, dummy. However, getting the L powerup will increase your laser power and allow you to destroy more squares at once! Also you can pick up the B powerup and all of the enemies on screen get obliterated!


That's your charge bar. It only charges when you move. Get it to full and it starts blinking like hella mad. That's when you can press that button to unleash super charged bullets! You'll know they're charged when the bullets you fire out have this red circle aura. they go through any enemy it comes in contact with, and they don't disappear when they do! This is REALLY handy when you have a laser level of 3 or more. 1 or 2 isn't worth it IMO.


Your Life will regenerate slowly over time. You can pick up the S powerup to fully fill it back up, though. WHOA MAN INCOMING SECRET: Having a full charge bar makes your health regen EVEN FASTER! Well, not really all that fast, but it's still pretty fast compared to normal regen speeds. You should only use a charge shot when you really need to so you always have sufficient regeneration.


That's your difficulty meter. It caps out at 20. I have personally never gotten to the maximum level without cheating (The PC version I used for testing has debugging keys to increase the difficulty level). The highest I have ever gotten was 18, and holy crap it's tough. You'll notice that the background starts to move faster, the enemis start to move horizontally, and they come at you super fast as you progress. Once you get to about difficulty 10, there just isn't any way to predict how they're going to come at you.


Well, you don't. You just do a little better each time. But that's why it's an arcade-styled game. Arcade games test your skill, which is its own reward. Your high score will save when you PROPERLY EXIT THE GAME (using the Quit button on the main screen). I don't have the game hooked up to Google Play Games services, but I guess I could do that if people wanted me to.


There tends to be some sluggishness or input lag when first starting the game. If you exit out with your Home button and then go back to the game, this seems to fix it. I have no idea why it does this. Sorry :[

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Published135 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android
Tags16-bit, Arcade, Casual, Difficult, Endless, Fast-Paced, Score Attack
Player countSingleplayer


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